EUR 750,000 for public service contracts for social services and other specific services listed in Appendix XIV. The review of these applications should normally take place within a maximum of ten working days, as the evaluation of the selection criteria is carried out on the basis of the simplified documentation requirements set out in this directive. However, if a dynamic acquisition system is first put in place, the adjudicator powers could face such a large number of applications for participation that it would take more time to review applications in response to the first publication of the notice or the invitation to confirm the interest. This should be eligible, unless no concrete contracting is initiated before all applications have been reviewed. The adjudicating authorities should be free to organize how they plan to review applications for participation, for example. B by deciding to carry out such checks only once a week, provided that the deadlines for reviewing each application for authorisation are met. The possibilities range from the considerable reduction of public procurement to the emergency acquisition, which is not subject to the requirements of the EU procedure and which does not require the pre-publication of tenders. The guidelines also recommend that public buyers consider alternative innovative solutions and market engagement opportunities. 4. Certain information relating to the procurement or conclusion of the framework agreement may be refused publication where publication would impede criminal prosecution or be contrary to the public interest, undermine the legitimate commercial interests of a public or private economic operator, or undermine fair competition between economic operators. 2.

No later than 18 April 2017 and every three years thereafter, Member States submit to the Commission a statistical report on contracting, which would fall under this directive if its value had exceeded the threshold set out in Article 4, which gives an estimate of the aggregate value of this contracting during the relevant period. This estimate may be based, in particular, on data available under national publication requirements or on sample-based estimates. This directive does not apply to public procurement and design competitions designed to enable contracting authorities to provide or use public communications networks or to make one or more electronic communications services available to the public. An email or internet address where purchase documents are available free of charge for unlimited and full direct access. The amendment alters the economic balance of the contract or framework agreement in favour of the contractor in a manner that was not provided for by the original contract or framework contract; Design competitions have traditionally been used mainly in the fields of urban planning and land use planning, architecture and engineering or computer science. It should be remembered, however, that these flexible instruments could also be used for other purposes, for example. B to obtain financial engineering plans that would optimise support for SMEs under common European micro-enterprises (JEREMIE) or other EU SME support programmes in a given Member State.