A tenancy agreement cannot deprive the tenant of the rights described in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). 1 roommate model for Alberta tenants Why do you need a written roommate agreement? A written agreement will help you avoid any problems with your roommates. Normally, if you rent an apartment or a house, there will be a written lease between the owner and the roommates, but this lease does not explain how the roommates will live together. A roommate contract shows how roommates share responsibility for renting. If you and your roommates have a rental agreement with your landlord. B, this rental agreement will tell you the total amount of rent owed to your landlord. Your roommate contract should then indicate the amount of rent to be paid by each roommate, how the rent is paid to the landlord and who will pay the landlord. In addition, the Alberta Rent Act defines a landlord`s responsibilities and obligations to the tenant and tenants to the landlord. The legislation does not deal directly with the relationship between roommates and the duties and obligations of roommates. What should a roommate agreement mean? The attached Roommate example agreement gives examples of the types of things that can be covered by a Roommate agreement. The sample contains a number of terms that may not apply in certain situations. A roommate contract should be adapted to the specific rules adopted by roommates and, therefore, additional conditions should be added if necessary. If you live with your landlord, the housing law does not apply to your home, so a written agreement is your best protection.

The Roommate agreement gives you a general idea of the conditions that are important to include in your own written agreement with the person to whom you rent the space. Non-responsibility Clause The Roommate agreement is provided only for informational purposes and there is nothing in the Roommate agreement that provides legal advice. The content is provided as an information service and should not be used for legal decision-making. The use of the Roommate arrangement does not in any way create a type of agreement or contract with the author.