Vehicles containing tyres, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documents are not included in the LESSEE. It is delivered to LESSEE only for rental purposes and is in good working order. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE, EXPLICIT OR IMPLIED, AS TO MARKET ABILITY OR SUITABILITY FOR A PARTICULAR USE OF A VEHICLE COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT. i. Between the parties, it is considered that THE LESSOR is not the manufacturer or supplier of the latter. Lessee assumes full responsibility for the selection of equipment and THEORS is in no way regarded as a guarantee, insurance or inducement or compliance with laws, rules, specifications or contracts. The rights of the LESSEE relating to the manufacturer`s guarantees, conditions or guarantees are directly invoked with the LESSEE against the manufacturer or supplier who is solely responsible for them. In this context, LESSOR authorizes the LESSEE to take legal action against the manufacturer or supplier on its behalf. The tenant is required to pay the landlord a [DOLLAR AMOUNT] deposit that will be used in the event of loss or deterioration of the rental vehicle during the term of the contract. The owner may respect a credit card of an equivalent amount instead of recovering a security deposit.

In the event of a deterioration of the rental vehicle, the owner will apply this deposit to cover the necessary repair or replacement costs. If the cost of repairing or repairing damage to the rental vehicle exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is responsible for paying the landlord the balance of the fee. The vehicle may be taken back into possession at the expense of LESSEE and without notice, if it is not returned to the due date, is parked illegally, is used in violation of the laws or agreement, appears to be abandoned if LESSEE provided false or misleading information at the time of the rental, if LESSEE is unable to contact or if the vehicle is not returned on the specified due date or has not returned. The vehicle is reported as a car-nabbed. LESSEE does not pay all royalties due under this agreement, although LESSEE has indicated that someone else or a company will pay the fee. LESSEE accepts the booking of credits by a credit card issuer up to the amount of the estimated fee due under this RENTAL agreement and has authorized the location to process, if applicable, a credit card cheque on behalf of LESSEE for all charges earned in this agreement.