Don`t be offended if your fiancé asks you to sign one. As explained in this article, there are many reasons for entering into marital agreements. They do not necessarily imply that the marriage will fail. Sodoma Law York`s lawyers, based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, have years of experience in developing marriage contracts for individuals with large and complex assets and those with smaller discounts. Our family lawyers are very happy to help our clients get married calmly and know that they are ready for whatever the future holds. Sodoma Law York designs and verifies marital agreements for clients in South Carolina and North Carolina. We look forward to helping you reach a marriage agreement that meets your needs and we invite you to contact us if there are any questions. In the case of proper drafting and execution, marital agreements can be very effective in the event of separation or divorce. If a spouse has been under undue pressure to sign the agreement, he or she will probably not have a trial. If it is proven that one spouse was excessively necessary for the other spouse to accept the prenup, the court will not apply the agreement against the spouse who was coerced. An example of such constraints could be the threat of the future spouse with greater bargaining power that he or she will annul the marriage if the other person does not sign the agreement as it is written.

Other factors that play a role in this reflection are whether the forced spouse had the opportunity to seek a lawyer before entering into the contract and how he or she was presented shortly before the date of marriage with the verification and signing agreement. Morton-Getty`s lawyers can provide advice, help meet challenges and provide a better understanding of the laws that affect homeowner associations. While most people have prepared pre-marital agreements to deal with financial matters, in South Carolina, a marriage agreement can raise many topics, including: contractual rules apply to the execution and applicability of marriage contracts in South Carolina. A marriage agreement must be written and signed by both parties. The agreement enters into force at the time of marriage. The parties may, after the marriage, amend or revoke the contract if they wish, but do so again in writing with the signature of both parties. If you`re in the Charleston, South Carolina area and you`re thinking about entering into a marriage contract, or if you have questions about the terms of an existing contract, Lauren Taylor Law can help. We have extensive experience in managing all types of marriage and divorce issues. Contact us today to find out more. For a pre-marital agreement to be applicable in South Carolina, the court will consider three key factors/issues: South Carolina is one of the states that does not comply with the UPAA. Instead, different statutes and jurisprudence govern formal marriage contracts written in Charleston, Greenville and elsewhere in the state of Palmetto.