(b) an individual or collective order of movement issued by a competent authority in Singapore attesting to the status of member or member of the force in Singapore; and the agreement on the agreement between the Commonwealth Government of Australia and the Government of the United States of America on the status of the United States Armed Forces in Australia (US SOFA) and other relevant agreements and arrangements regulates the initiatives of US forces in Australia. The US SOFA is transposed into Australian national law by the Law and Defense (Visiting Forces) Regulations 1963 (the Main Regulations). This week, this area of the relationship once again made headlines with the signing of a new agreement on military training. The agreement was signed on 23 March by the defence ministers of the two countries as part of a wider meeting between their leaders. (2) with respect to the Australian defence forces, personnel who are part of that country`s land, sea or air forces while in Singapore, provided that both governments can agree that certain persons, units or formations should not be considered part of or part of a visiting force. In accordance with Article 14 of the U.S. CANAPÉ, Australia accepts a U.S. license or authorization held by members of the U.S. military in Order to drive a „military vehicle“ in Australia. Immunity granted to visiting personnel under the previous Regulation 6, paragraph 2 of the Main Regulations allowed members of the U.S. military to drive or operate any vehicle „owned by the United States“ without the need for an Australian driver`s license or authorization. This did not extend to leased or leased vehicles.

The regulation also corrects a minor gap in Australia`s obligations under SOFA agreements with the United States, Papua New Guinea and Singapore. In accordance with Australia`s SOFA agreements with the United States, PNG and Singapore, Australia is required to accept as valid a permit issued by these countries to visiting force members as well as civilian elements attached to a visiting team for the operation of service vehicles. The internal implementation of these obligations in the main regulations relates only to the recognition of driver`s licenses for visiting team members and not to the civilian component assigned to that visiting force.