The company acknowledged that the parties to the negotiations could not agree on a number of terms until the last day of the contract. „At the end of the day on March 31, 2020, the parties had not reached an agreement due to certain conditions that are considered key requirements by both parties and are not yet acceptable to either party.“ Enercon will supply 42 MW of wind turbines for a Dutch repowering project Financial close date: 31.12.2018Cost execution: 13.08.2019 Estimated project cost: USD 49 million Additional presentation: Power Africa`s partner, the International Finance Corporation, has launched the Scaling Solar programme in Zambia, which will be the country`s first grid-connected solar PV plant. Power Africa partner Enel Green Power was one of two successful bidders with an incredible bid of $0.0784/kWh to develop 28 MW of solar power. Power Africa`s support included support from ZESCO Limited, the state-owned power supplier, in negotiations on the power purchase agreement and the provision of $2 million to Scaling Solar Zambia. Copperbelt mining companies` Lusaka-listed electricity supplier, CEC Plc, announced the end of its long-term power purchase agreement with the national power supplier as of March 31, 2020, ending a 23-year-old contract signed at the height of the mining companies` privatization, according to a statement issued by the company. The Energy Regulatory Authority (ERB) has approved two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that will give Zesco access to additional electricity with an estimated capacity of 170 megawatts (MW). Ms. Mfuni said that as the new generation capacity will exceed projected peak demand, Zambia will export surplus electricity to some neighboring countries that are also affected by the electricity deficit. The company said in the statement that it was engaged in roundtable negotiations with the national utility for several weeks before the contract`s epilogue.

„In the last seven weeks or so, the CEC and a team from the Government of the Republic of Zambia („GRZ“), which included ZESCO, have begun negotiations on a new electricity supply agreement.“ The company also pointed out that although it appeared at the meeting with the national public service with a view to reaching a short-term agreement, the negotiating team soon realized that the discussions would lead to a healthy agreement. „While the initial agreement was that the parties would work towards the creation of an interim agreement, it became clear during the negotiations that the intention was to agree on a new healthy agreement with completely different terms.“